Invest in a Kart Track

“Finally a very profitable investment that's even fun!”

If you want to build a kart track and start a business that is both profitable and fun, this is the most interesting page that you will read today.

Here's why...

Imagine an investment:

  • that pays for itself in about 2 years, even if you don't run it yourself and hire salaried people to manage the track

  • simple and fun, and that requires no experience or particular qualifications because we explain everything to you

  • is capable of attracting attention, because it is a business that generates word-of-mouth and enthusiasm.
Invest in a Kart Track

Discover why a kart track is a highly profitable investment

There is an investment of this type and it consists in building and managing a kart track. With the possibility...

...of earning three times
your investment in 6 years!

Investing in a kart track is one of the most interesting business opportunities available, especially for an investor looking for a good return on his investment.

We prepare your business plan

You tell us where you would like to open your kart track and we'll calculate how much money you can make

Usually, kart track revenues range from 850 thousand to almost 2 million GBP a year.

The before-tax profit (EBIT) on this revenue is usually about 35%.

Which is to say... after you've paid the operating costs and employees and subtracted depreciation, you're left with about 35% of sales.

In 2 years, you will have repaid your initial investment and after the first 2 years, you will have a before-tax profit that is usually between 250 and 600 thousand GBP a year.

Here's what you need to get started...

Our company, OTL Italia srl, helps entrepreneurs build their own kart track. If necessary, we can provide a complete, turnkey project. We will help you with the design, follow its construction, provide the karts, help you with marketing and show you the best ways to work.

But the first essential step is the initial analysis. You tell us where you would like to open you go-kart track and we - at no charge and with no commitment on your part - will provide valuable advice about possible solutions, costs and earnings. Then you can decide how to proceed to the next steps, possibly with our help.

This said, there are 4 essential elements:

  1. the entrepreneur: the one who puts the money together and is the heart and soul of the project

  2. the operator: which can be the entrepreneur or an employee depending on how involved he wants to be

  3. the place and structure: usually an industrial shed to be renovated or (less frequently) a piece of land

  4. capital: a part of the capital must come from you and the rest can come from banks In some cases, you may be eligible for subsidies.

Divertente e profittevole

Imagine the satisfaction of owning a fun, profitable kart track

We are the leading developer of kart tracks and electric karts in the world. If you are an entrepreneur, we can help you develop every aspect of your facility.

We have developed major
projects throughout the entire world... Italy, France, Finland (the Mika Salo kart track!), the United States, Austria, Canada... if you name a kart track in Europe, we probably built it.

In particular, we are the market leader in the type of kart track that is most profitable for the investor: indoor kart tracks with electric karts.

Our customers are entrepreneurs, prominent people and large financial groups that have decided to take advantage of this...

...interesting investment

Our job is to focus on helping the entrepreneur obtain the maximum profit from his investment. If you just want to build a go-kart track for personal satisfaction and fun but not the financial benefits, we're probably not the company for you.

On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur or concrete investor who evaluates projects through the numbers and technical solutions in order to safeguard and preserve the value of your capital... us today!

You can visit the kart tracks that we have built; we will show you the technical aspects and the concrete financial data. In this way, you can determine the real value of this business opportunity with all the numbers at hand.

The minimum required investment is 230 thousand GBP for an outdoor kart track and 450 thousand GBP for an indoor track. It takes at least 30,000 sq ft.

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Just think: in a few months, even you can have your own kart track. With the confidence that you will are supported by a group of professionals and have implemented the best technical, financial and business solutions.

It costs nothing to ask for more information. Fill out the form today before this opportunity slips your mind!